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My family have been welcoming guests to this area since 1991, to our apartments in Plakias and more recently to our small exclusive Anna Boutique Villas, our firm aim is to continue to provide memorable holiday experiences to visitors from around the world. Our policy is one of continuos learning and improvement with a commitment to excellence in the quality of our accommodation and the warmth of our welcome. My family live in the area and we love to share our pride in the heritage, gastronomy and unique natural environment of this region with our valued guests - many of whom have become friends.

Looking through my diary I am reminded that since 1991 we have welcomed guests from all over the world; from USA, Canada and Latin America, from the UK, Holland, Germany, Norway, Russia and Thailand. Every year we have many returning guests but we are also delighted to welcome new visitors. This combination of returning friends and new guests is a source of great pleasure and gives us the confidence to continue operating and being committed to our services and beliefs: respect and love of the Cretan culture and Nature.

If you want to be treated as a traveller rather than a tourist; if you are looking for authentic holidays where you can relax in the tranquillity of the Cretan natural landscape please contact us for more information and bookings"

Best Regards,
Yiannis Polychronakis

Yiannis Polychronakis

Yiannis is a UCL graduate and chartered engineer, and was working in the UK for a well-known international Engineering Consultancy before taking over his family business. He often travels around the globe for work or leisure.

Orestis Polychronakis

Orestis is an electrical & computer engineer with background in power engineering and renewable energy sources. He is involved in the photovoltaic business and has produced the study of many PV stations in Crete. Orestis enjoys meeting new people.

Stavros and Anna Polychronakis

Founders of the business in 1991, Stavros and Anna remain dedicated to providing guests with a truly memorable holiday experience whilst encouraging them to experience the Cretan countryside which they both love so much.


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